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Spring Break is finally here, UT Arlington students rejoice! Now’s the perfect week to take a break from your studies, recharge, hang out with friends and family, and enjoy a peaceful week from your UTA student housing (for those of you staying in town with us, that is). We’ve got a few ideas for how to have fun in and around Arlington this week!

If you know friends or neighbors in our community of student apartments in Arlington who don’t have plans for spring break yet, don’t hesitate to help them out by sending this post along to them once you’re done reading. Now let’s get to our recommendations for Spring Break 2020!

Go camping with friends

There’s no shortage of excellent campsites around Arlington with beautiful hiking trails, affordable rental rates, and tons and tons of fresh air. If you’re the outdoorsy type, or you have friends who are, a short drive can take you to a wide variety of campsites in and around Arlington.

If you don’t want to go far, Loyd Park is an excellent option less than 30 minutes from our apartments, while Twin Coves Park and Campground is farther away but has furnished cabins available along with its hiking trails and kayak rentals.

Camping isn’t for everyone, we get that, but for those unfazed by a few days away from the comforts of civilization, camping is a great way to bond with friends, reconnect with nature, and feel rejuvenated.

Participate in an “Alternative Spring Break”

Lots of students are doing Alternative Spring Breaks these days, and we love to see our student residents out there proving just how conscientious and hard-working they are! If you haven’t heard of an Alternative Spring Break, the term refers to students spending their Spring Break volunteering their time locally or abroad rather than spending that week exclusively on leisure activities. Many organized Alternative Spring Break programs take students to other countries, allowing these students to explore a new place while also giving back to those communities.

Most organized trips like this must be applied for in advance, but there are plenty of places in Arlington to volunteer your time and give back to your community! Why not check out A Different Breed Animal Rescue and help out some adorable animals in need? Or help build or repair someone’s home with Habitat for Humanity! As a bonus, referencing your volunteer work sounds great in a job interview!

Bust Out Your Bathing Suit

If you’re interested in more of a classic spring break, Arlington’s got you covered. We may be a few hours from the coast, but we’re just minutes from amazing water parks, and sparkling lakes. Or if you’re looking for maximum relaxation, just head up to our resort-style swimming pool and enjoy the sunshine! Just make sure you apply SPF.

How are you spending your spring break? Whatever you do, we hope it’s fun and rejuvenating! That’s all our spring break suggestions for residents of our apartments! UTA students, if you liked this post and you’d like to keep up to date on future posts, be sure to bookmark our blog page! We’ll have another post in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, go ahead and follow us on Instagram for all our special promotions, community updates, and events!

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